worship / music.

a lifestyle of worship


The purpose of the Music Ministry at Oak Grove is to lead people into a lifestyle of worship. We strive to see people worship the Lord, not only on Sundays, but worship Him in their everyday lifestyle. For more information about the music ministry, contact [email protected].


Do you have a passion for drama? Whether it’s a five minute sketch for a Sunday morning service or a major Christmas production involving cast members, from the creation of each script to the final act, we are committed to bringing quality and anointing to the stage. For more information about the drama ministry, contact [email protected].

Sound & Media

Sound and Media play a vital part of each worship service. These ways of communication help create an atmosphere of worship to the Lord. We have a talented group of individuals who work hard to glorify God through these means of communication. For more information about our sound & media ministry, contact [email protected].

Visual Communications

The Communications Department serves to expand the outreach of the church and its ministries through graphic design and visual art, photography, website management, print and email communications, and online media. For more information about the media ministry, contact [email protected].

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