preaching the Gospel

Oak Grove is committed to bring the gospel through acts of service and giving both locally and globally. We do this so all can hear the hope of the gospel. Our commitment extends to all people in all nations, regardless of remoteness, rejection, or resistance.

By contributing to this project, donors acknowledge that the church has full authority to apply contributions designated for this project to other purposes in the event the project is canceled or oversubscribed.

Each year Oak Grove leads teams to various locations around the world!

Each summer, Oak Grove hosts a week long short-term missions trip.  These trips are designed to support existing missionaries and ministries we partner with.   Through our short-term trips, we provide support and encouragement, while exposing Oak Grove’s people to a more global view of God‘s kingdom.   Our missions teams become more selfless than ever before. 

If you are interested in going on a short-term missions trip, simply click below to request more information.   [email protected]

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